The List of Modules

TRADE EXCHANGE BANKING SOFTWARE is an integrated yet modular solution

System Core

The module is responsible for:

  • Multi-currency Accounting

  • User-defined multi-entity chart of accounts;

  • Multi-currency general ledger;

  • Account classifications

  • Workflow Setup

  • Transaction processing rules;

  • Product definition and life cycles

  • Payment and Transfer Processing

  • Inter-account transfers;

  • Incoming transfers;

  • Outgoing transfers;

  • Standing orders;

  • Cashier operations

  • Foreign Exchange

  • Directory of currencies;

  • Exchange rates;

  • Currency transactions processing

  • Cheque Management

  • Chequebook requests;

  • Cheques drawn on the bank of origin;

  • Accepted cheques

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Balance sheet;

  • Profit & loss;

  • Cash flow;

  • Profitability reports (by customer/account group/product);

  • Consolidated report generator;

  • Classification-based reports;

  • Report editor/custom-designed reports

  • System Administration

  • System setup;

  • User role setup;

  • Access level setup;

  • Restricted areas setup

  • Fees and Charges

  • Transaction fees;

  • Interest calculation rules for interest-bearing accounts


Banking Module

The module is responsible for:

  • The processing of payments and statements received from correspondent banks in various

  • formats, e.g. SWIFT, SEPA (XML-messages, based on ISO20022) etc;

  • The submission of payment orders to correspondent banks;

  • Unidentified payments processing;

  • Payments reconciliation;

  • Incoming/outgoing messaging system


Banking Module

The module provides the following functionality:

  • Applying for an account online;

  • Secure customer login;

  • Checking balances and statements;

  • Checking transaction history;

  • Inter-account transfers;

  • Payment orders;

  • Currency exchange;

  • Standing order setup;

  • Time deposit placement;

  • Online loan application

  • Internal messaging;

  • Online password change;

  • Digital signature;

  • Payment passwords;

  • Customer verification codes (security codes);

  • Online source of funds declaration

Payment Cards Module

The module provides the following functionality:

  • Applying for a payment card online;

  • Card management (activation, blocking, changing limits etc.);

  • Checking card account statements;

  • Checking card transaction history;

  • Gateways to card issuers/processors

Loan Module

The module provides the following functionality:

  • Loan types (product) definition;

  • Repayment method setup;

  • Loan origination;

  • Loan tracking;

  • Loan repayment

Deposit Module

The module provides the following functionality:

  • Deposit types (product) definition;

  • Interest calculation rules and payment method setup;

  • Deposit contract register;

  • Deposit tracking;

  • Maturity processing and closure

SMS Banking Module

The module enables a payment service user to:

  • Receive text updates on the current status of a transaction;

  • Check account balances;

  • Validate forward-dated payments;

  • Make internal transfers


Banking Module

The module enables a payment service user to:

  • Receive account statements on a mobile device;

  • Make inter-account transfers;

  • Create outgoing payments using templates;

  • Make QR code payments;

  • Pay bills


remittance Module

The module provides a gateway via the QSG hub to the following international money transfer systems:

  • Money Gram

  • Blizko

  • Contact

  • Anelik

  • SWIFT workers

  • Unistream

  • Coinstar

  • Leader

  • Industrial and commercial bank of China

  • American Express

and enables through the QSG gateway:

  • Instant money transfers from a payment account;

  • Payment account top-up

AML Compliance module

The module provides following functionality:

  • Black list management, e.g. OFAC, UK Black list, etc.;

  • Client profile setup by function and client category;

  • Suspicious transaction identification rules setup;

  • Alert rules engine;

  • Document validity checks;

  • Red flag facility;

  • High-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions list management;

  • Dormant account monitoring

  • Suspicious transaction logging

CRM Module

The module provides the following functionality:

  • KYC management;

  • Document storage and retrieval;

  • Account (product) application processing;

  • Account holder/signatory relationship management;

  • Financial projections;

  • Customer profitability analysis;

  • Customer grouping;

  • Mailing list management/bulk-mailing facility;

  • Internal communication system;

  • Parameter searches;

  • Advice rule definition

Risk management and limit control

The module provides the following functionality:

  • Client’s limit rules setup;

  • Risk category management;

  • Limit change subject to risk category;

  • Real time limit control

Acquiring module

The module is responsible for:

  • Registration and verification of a customer`s credit card;

  • Processing (receiving) payments by credit card;

  • Integration with external acquirer



TRADE EXCHANGE BANKING SOFTWARE is a reliable framework to support the provision of payment services listed in the Annex to PSD:

  • Services enabling cash to be placed on a payment account;

  • Services enabling cash withdrawals from a payment account;

  • Execution of payment transactions where the funds are covered by a credit line;

  • Execution of direct debits;

  • Execution of payment transactions through a payment card or similar device;

  • Execution of credit transfers, including standing orders;

  • Issuing and/or acquiring of payment instruments;

  • Money remittance

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