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of the Bank

At the core of our “Bank in the Box” package you will find the engine, Trade Exchange Bank Software, The Online Banking Software Solution™.

Our software solutions operate successfully in banks and payment institutions across the world.

This is our own proprietary web based banking system and currently used by 1,000+ financial institutions.

This is a very advanced platform that allows for highly secured and encrypted interaction and communications between the financial entity and its users through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The system is extremely user friendly for both the administrator and the end users. You will use Trade Exchange Bank Software to create and maintain customer profiles, accounts, manage fee structures and track revenues.


Top up the account
  • Bank wire

  • Money Transfer systems

  • E-currency

  • Credit and Debit cards

  • Prepaid cards

  • Payment kiosks

Currency exchange
  • Internal exchange at a client request

  • Exchange via a third-party FX provider

  • Bank wire

  • Payments for services (mobile, internet, utility, TV,etc)

  • Internal payments

  • Transfer between accounts

  • Standing orders

  • Payments for online purchases

Money transfers
  • Internal money transfer

  • External transfer via a money remittance provider (Anelik, Contact)

Withdrawals from an account
  • Bank wire

  • Transfer to card

  • Money remittance system (Anelik, Contact)

  • E-currency

Issuance of payment instruments
  • Issuance of co-branded cards (Visa and Master Card)

  • Issuance of virtual cards

  • Issuance of own (local) cards

Mobile and internet payments
  • Internet banking

  • Mobile banking

  • SMS banking

Acceptance of payment instruments
  • Acceptance of credit cards (acquiring)

  • Acceptance of prepaid cards

  • Acceptance of e-cheques


Core Software Features:

  • Rapid Deployment – Operational in 7 days

  • Highest Security – PCI Compliance and 256Bit SSL

  • Scalability – Modular Programming

  • User-friendly Interface – Easy Interaction

  • Worldwide – Multicurrency & Multilingual

  • Best ROI – Most Affordable Solution

  • Compliant – Highest KYC banking standards

  • Integrations – Banks, Payments and Cards Platforms

  • Multi-Currency

  • Multi-Region friendly (i.e. formats)

  • Multi-Language

  • Multi-Administrators

  • Group Users (i.e. VIP, Investors, General Public, etc)

  • Detailed Real Time Reporting

  • Multicurrency support (real time exchange feeds)

  • Multiregional friendly (i.e. formats)

  • Print, Email and Export options from different screens.

Usability Features:

Main features the


is able to access:

System messages – Generated when the users request certain transactions, automatically processed and replied to when executed by the administrator. These transactions require individual attention for completion.

User messages – secure messaging within the system. Either manually generated by the users when contacting the administrator or by the administrator himself to create messages to an individual user or a general message to all users.

System Log – serves as a log of all the activities in the system by keeping records of all the changes made by either the users or the administrator.

Profile editor – to create or search-view and/or modify users’ profiles in the system as well as to modify the sub administrator profiles.

Account manager – to create or search-view and/or modify accounts to then activate, inactivate or block them. Also, to associate optional card accounts to enable users to transfer funds to them.

Manual transactions – to manually debit or credit any account in required instances. An additional feature is the ability to select the revenue option which will include the transaction as a generated fee (thus appearing in the administrator Revenues Report).

Revenue manager – to manage the revenues generated either automatically by the system or manually by the administrator.

Reports – Specific User Reports and Global System Reports

System configuration settings – where the administrator can customize the system as well as the initial setup of the account types, transfer fees, etc.

Main features
the Users are able to access:

Account balances – which shows all accounts with current/available balances, including optional associated debit card accounts. Additionally the user may view the last transactions of any account for a quick overview.

Messages generated by the system – when any transaction request has been executed (i.e. a requested wire transfer, manual transactions applied to an account or changes in the user profile).

Messages sent by the administrator – contacting the user specifically or a group of users for announcements.

Incoming wire transfers – to transfer funds from an external bank into any account. The system will guide the user to create a print out of a pre-elaborated page with the needed information such as the correspondent bank information and the user’s personal reference account number. This can then be faxed by the user to his bank.

Outgoing wire transfers – to wire transfer funds out of any account. The system will provide an on-line form with the needed details for the wire transfer to be later executed by the system administrator. Includes the option to select which transfer fee to apply (i.e. standard or express).

In-house transfers – to transfer funds between accounts of the same user or to transfer funds to an account of a different user.

Optional Debit Card funding – this creates a request to the system administrator to execute a debit card funding (only debit card accounts pre-associated to any user). Includes the option to select which transfer fee to apply (i.e. standard or express).

Profile editor – to view/modify the user’s profile and password in the system.

Reports: Specific Account Transactions, All accounts Executed Transactions, All accounts Balances

AssistedHelp™ provides on-demand and active on-screen help interfaces to users and administrators. Features such as AssistedHelp™ ensure that users take full advantage of all the advanced functions that the system offers as well minimizing the need for them to contact the customer service desk with questions regarding the automated processes that are intended to make online operations of the financial entity more efficient.

Interface Features:

Guided navigation and user-friendly menus

Fast loading CSS tables and interface ensure rapid page refresh

Fully customizable interface and reports (i.e. colors, logos, icons)

Multilanguage capable (UTF-8 DB)

Capacity to export to Excel throughout the system

Ability to Print or Email information from most screens

Resolution: 800×600 minimum, 1024×768 or more preferred

Fully Cross-browser compatible

How it works

Trade Exchange Bank Software Online Banking Software Solution is primarily a common fund virtual account manager; in other words, the funds held by your financial entity at its correspondent bank can be virtually administrated by Trade Exchange Bank Software.

By using the software to keep track of each customer’s account, the administrators can have a clear overview of how the common fund is divided. This also allows for each customer to request individual transactions and requests. Finally, it serves as a secure communication platform with each of the customers in the system.

Out of the box, Trade Exchange Bank Software is “stand alone” and not connected to any banking network or payment services. You can only use it as a virtual account manager, whilst parallel executing the transactions at your correspondent bank. Integration with other online services such as payment platforms, card platforms, ach platforms, etcwhich we offer, will allow for a more automated execution process.


We use the latest technology available

The Trade Exchange Bank Software online banking software has been developed mainly using PHP®. It is a server side setup that deploys dynamic content that interacts with the MySQL® database to supply the information through a user friendly interface using some JavaScript®. This is a very powerful and scalable solution that is affordable as needs grow. Since the system is fully internet cross-browser interface only, it is not bound to any specific browser, software or to any operating system, offering total hardware and software flexibility for the administrator and the users of the system.


  • SSL Security Oriented (256bit).

  • The system utilizes a combination of ICSA (International Computer Security Association) and PHPSecurity Consortium® approved security technologies to protect and encrypt the data for the financial entity, as well as for the users.

  • The combination of Username and Password is the first layer of security to login but since the users are forced to change their automatically generated passwords when they login the first time, they are protected from email intrusion/interception, assuring the users unique access to the system.

  • The encrypted Security Key, acting as a second layer of security, is a secret pin code that the user has to input to be able to execute transactions. This offers a validation during the execution of transactions, ensuring the authenticity of each and every one.

  • Turing Number / CAPTCHA capable. Enabling a type of challenge-response test used to determine whether the user trying to access the system is human.

  • Sensitive information stored in the Database has MD5 encryption.

  • Zend Guard PHP Code Protection

  • Electronic Signature enabled for Access Control

Interface Specs

  • Guided navigation and user friendly menus

  • Fast loading CSS tables and interface ensure rapid loading even on slow internet connections

  • Fully customizable interface and reports (i.e. colors, logos, icons)

  • Multicurrency support

  • Multiregional friendly (i.e. formats)

  • Multilanguage capable (UTF-8 DB)

  • Wide variety of existing modules available

  • Capacity to export to Excel and PDF throughout the system

  • Ability to Print or Email information from most screens

  • Resolution: 800×600 minimum, 1024×768 or more preferred

  • Fully Cross-browser compatible

Minimum Suggested

Server Requirements

  • PHP v5.2

    • GD library with JPG and FreeType support

    • Mcrypt Library

    • Zend Optimizer v3.3.0 or above

  • MySQL v5.1

  • Linux OS (supports Windows and Macintosh)

  • Web Server with SSL and PHP support (i.e. Apache Web Server v2.2)

  • Mail Server (for automatic outgoing emails generated by the system)

  • SSL Certification (for Cryptographic Security)

The List of Modules

TRADE EXCHANGE BANKING SOFTWARE is an integrated yet modular solution

System Core

The module is responsible for:

  • Multi-currency Accounting

  • User-defined multi-entity chart of accounts;

  • Multi-currency general ledger;

  • Account classifications

  • Workflow Setup

  • Transaction processing rules;

  • Product definition and life cycles

  • Payment and Transfer Processing

  • Inter-account transfers;

  • Incoming transfers;

  • Outgoing transfers;

  • Standing orders;

  • Cashier operations

  • Foreign Exchange

  • Directory of currencies;

  • Exchange rates;

  • Currency transactions processing

  • Cheque Management

  • Chequebook requests;

  • Cheques drawn on the bank of origin;

  • Accepted cheques

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Balance sheet;

  • Profit & loss;

  • Cash flow;

  • Profitability reports (by customer/account group/product);

  • Consolidated report generator;

  • Classification-based reports;

  • Report editor/custom-designed reports

  • System Administration

  • System setup;

  • User role setup;

  • Access level setup;

  • Restricted areas setup

  • Fees and Charges

  • Transaction fees;

  • Interest calculation rules for interest-bearing accounts


Banking Module

The module is responsible for:

  • The processing of payments and statements received from correspondent banks in various

  • formats, e.g. SWIFT, SEPA (XML-messages, based on ISO20022) etc;

  • The submission of payment orders to correspondent banks;

  • Unidentified payments processing;

  • Payments reconciliation;

  • Incoming/outgoing messaging system


Banking Module

The module provides the following functionality:

  • Applying for an account online;

  • Secure customer login;

  • Checking balances and statements;

  • Checking transaction history;

  • Inter-account transfers;

  • Payment orders;

  • Currency exchange;

  • Standing order setup;

  • Time deposit placement;

  • Online loan application

  • Internal messaging;

  • Online password change;

  • Digital signature;

  • Payment passwords;

  • Customer verification codes (security codes);

  • Online source of funds declaration

Payment Cards Module

The module provides the following functionality:

  • Applying for a payment card online;

  • Card management (activation, blocking, changing limits etc.);

  • Checking card account statements;

  • Checking card transaction history;

  • Gateways to card issuers/processors

Loan Module

The module provides the following functionality:

  • Loan types (product) definition;

  • Repayment method setup;

  • Loan origination;

  • Loan tracking;

  • Loan repayment

Deposit Module

The module provides the following functionality:

  • Deposit types (product) definition;

  • Interest calculation rules and payment method setup;

  • Deposit contract register;

  • Deposit tracking;

  • Maturity processing and closure

SMS Banking Module

The module enables a payment service user to:

  • Receive text updates on the current status of a transaction;

  • Check account balances;

  • Validate forward-dated payments;

  • Make internal transfers


Banking Module

The module enables a payment service user to:

  • Receive account statements on a mobile device;

  • Make inter-account transfers;

  • Create outgoing payments using templates;

  • Make QR code payments;

  • Pay bills


remittance Module

The module provides a gateway via the QSG hub to the following international money transfer systems:

  • Money Gram

  • Blizko

  • Contact

  • Anelik

  • SWIFT workers

  • Unistream

  • Coinstar

  • Leader

  • Industrial and commercial bank of China

  • American Express

and enables through the QSG gateway:

  • Instant money transfers from a payment account;

  • Payment account top-up

AML Compliance module

The module provides following functionality:

  • Black list management, e.g. OFAC, UK Black list, etc.;

  • Client profile setup by function and client category;

  • Suspicious transaction identification rules setup;

  • Alert rules engine;

  • Document validity checks;

  • Red flag facility;

  • High-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions list management;

  • Dormant account monitoring

  • Suspicious transaction logging

CRM Module

The module provides the following functionality:

  • KYC management;

  • Document storage and retrieval;

  • Account (product) application processing;

  • Account holder/signatory relationship management;

  • Financial projections;

  • Customer profitability analysis;

  • Customer grouping;

  • Mailing list management/bulk-mailing facility;

  • Internal communication system;

  • Parameter searches;

  • Advice rule definition

Risk management and limit control

The module provides the following functionality:

  • Client’s limit rules setup;

  • Risk category management;

  • Limit change subject to risk category;

  • Real time limit control

Acquiring module

The module is responsible for:

  • Registration and verification of a customer`s credit card;

  • Processing (receiving) payments by credit card;

  • Integration with external acquirer



TRADE EXCHANGE BANKING SOFTWARE is a reliable framework to support the provision of payment services listed in the Annex to PSD:

  • Services enabling cash to be placed on a payment account;

  • Services enabling cash withdrawals from a payment account;

  • Execution of payment transactions where the funds are covered by a credit line;

  • Execution of direct debits;

  • Execution of payment transactions through a payment card or similar device;

  • Execution of credit transfers, including standing orders;

  • Issuing and/or acquiring of payment instruments;

  • Money remittance

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